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Harry Styles, 1/5 of the world famous boy band One Direction is living the dream. At the age of 18 the stylish and suave celebrity has already been on a 62-show tour and been nominated for many awards including winning Best Group and Best Video at the 4Music Awards with his band mates and best friends Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson. With songs like What Makes you Beautiful, One Thing, Up All Night, and Gotta Be You One Direction has conquered the airwaves and is known by many throughout the world.

In One Direction, Harry is known for his hair and is labeled by his band mates for being the flirty, charming one which has served him well seeing that he is one of the most popular guys in the band. Because of this there are tons of amazing posters, wristbands, t-shirts, and many more products of the gorgeous Harry Styles. If any of your friends or family members think he’s extraordinHarry, one of the Harry Styles products below would be perfect to give them for a birthday, Christmas, or as a present-topper of a ticket to One Direction’s 2013 world tour! Whatever the event, they’re sure to love it.

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Harry Styles Cardboard Cutouts

harry styles cardboard cutoutsClick here for more details on these awesome Harry Styles cardboard cutouts. If you don’t see the one you’re looking for, try different search words, such as: Harry Styles Cardboard Cutout, Harry Styles Standup Poster, Harry Styles Standee, etc.. Some of the cutouts will show up for one search but not the others. Good luck!

Standee descriptions from left to right:

  1. An adorable Harry Styles cardboard cutout where he’s wearing a red plaid flannel shirt, khakis, and converse. I love this One Direction standee because Harry looks so cute with his crossed arms and curly hair!
  2. Loving this formal Harry Styles standee with a grey blazer jacket, khakis, and a black bowtie! What a cutie! I’m definitely loving his floppy hair and big smile in this cardboard cutout from One Direction’s “Up All Night” phase.
  3. Harry Styles looks amazing in this cardboard cutout where he’s wearing a white button up shirt, skinny jeans, and boots. His pushed back hair is as cute as ever and I could just picture myself staring into the eyes of this one direction standee forever.
  4. Harry Styles looks so sexy and rebellious in this gorgeous cardboard cutout! Crossing his arms while wearing a white shirt, open grey button up, and dark blue skinny jeans, Harry definitely “Stole My Heart”!!
  5. When will Harry Styles stop being so adorable? In this cardboard cutout, Harry looks “Perfect” wearing a leopard or cheetah print shirt, black coat jacket, and black skinny jeans. This cutout will surely give anyone who sees it a “Heart Attack” from Harry being too gorgeous.
  6. In a maroon red and grey striped suit with a black shirt and boots, Harry Styles rocks his long hair and makes me swoon from the amazing smolder he’s giving. This is my favorite Harry Styles cardboard cutout because 1) Harry looks amazing (but then again, when doesn’t he?) and 2) because it shows that he’s not afraid to make bold fashion choices (floral Gucci suit at the 2015 AMA’s anyone?).

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Check out these hot Harry Styles posters! OMG I just want to wallpaper my whole room with them :) . Harry is the cutest boy ever!

Harry Styles Phone Cases

Aren’t these phone cases cool? Imagine carrying Harry Styles around with you everywhere you go. So amazing!

Harry Styles Wristbands

How many wristbands can you wear on one arm? I want them ALL! Wristbands for Harry Styles and all of the One Direction guys! I’m the #1 Fan!