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Peeta Mellark

Is one of your greatest passions in life bread? Do you feel the need to knead? Are you one half of the star-crossed lovers from District 12? If you answered yes to t(h)ree or more of these questions, you may be Peeta Mellark!

Katniss’ primary love interest throughout the series, Peeta was chosen for the Hunger Games along with Katniss and was plucked out of his comfortable life where he lived with his parents, working at their bakery. He and Katniss managed to survive their two rounds in the arena, until afterwards Peeta was ‘rescued’ by the Capitol and used as propaganda. Now safely back in District 13, Peeta must join in the revolution and recover from the capitol’s brainwashing that caused him to hate Katniss. This will be an interesting and telling time for all the characters, but especially for Peeta who must choose what is real and what is not in this heart wrenching finale.

Peeta may not be the hyped-up hunk that Gale is, but he’s a born-n-bread charmer whose charismatic personality will make you loaf him! Bring home Peeta today with some of these incredible Mockingjay posters, shirts, and cardboard cutouts that are the best thing since sliced bread!

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