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Sherlocked by Sherlock?

Do you have dreams about Benedict Cumberbatch? Have you found yourself doodling the phrase Mrs.Sherlock Holmes? Are you currently watching The Hobbit just to see Martin Freeman? Is there a page on your tumblr dedicated completely to Sherlock fanart? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, I’m afraid you’ve been inducted into the Sherlock fandom- beware, many late-night feels lie ahead. Have no fear though, there’s nothing better to ease the pain of hiatus than some new Sherlock merchandise!

A modern adaptation of Conan Doyle’s characters, Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, an eccentric “highly-functioning sociopath” who works as a detective in modern day London with his flatmate Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman). The series, created by Stephen Moffat, is characterized by long 90 minute-length episodes and even longer breaks in between seasons, with just 3 seasons (9 episodes) on air since its start in 2010.

No matter how many months-or years- Sherlock fans must wait however, they always come back. This extremely loyal group of people can be found re-watching past episodes, creating incredible fanart, and picking apart every line and nuance of the show looking for clues to lead to a Holmes/Watson romance.

This amazing Sherlock merchandise is the key to unlock your sherlocked heart! Fill the hiatus-caused hole in your soul with tshirts, phone cases, and cardboard cutouts all featuring the famous detective and his blogger companion.

Sherlock Cardboard Cutouts:

Get the true Sherlock experience with one of these incredible Sherlock Cardboard Cutouts! Choose from Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mary Watson, Mycroft Holmes, and James Moriarty, or get them all and re-enact the episodes, though preferably not The Reichenbach Fall unless you want them tear-stained.
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Sherlock Shirts:

Whether you’re sporting a shirt saying that you’re a highly functioning sociopath or that you’re sherlocked, you’ll definitely (221)B recognized as a Sherlock fan in these awesome tshirts and hoodies.
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Sherlock Episodes:

These dvd sets of the Sherlock episodes are perfect for when you’re feeling bored, and they’ll make you as happy as Sherlock is when he hears “murder!”
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Sherlock Posters:

If 90 minutes just isn’t a long enough time to look at Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, these Sherlock posters are perfect for plastering all over your walls and crying over when you realize season 4 doesn’t come out until next year.
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Sherlock Coffee Mugs:

Whether it’s coffee or Moriartea that you’re drinking, these Sherlock mugs are sure to bring a smile to your face on even the earliest of mornings.
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Or maybe a Sherlock pillow or pillowcase is more to your liking? Sherlock pillows and pillowcases