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Marvel Avengers Cardboard Cutouts

avengers cardbouts standup postersWho doesn’t want to be a superhero? Everyone has at least one superhuman power they would love to have, from flying to being invisible to having heat vision. Everyone would love to have a comic book written about them, so naturally when the movie The Avengers came out everyone went to see it. The Avengers is a movie about a bunch of the most famous Marvel comic book characters coming together to defend Earth against an evil force from another world, and when that group includes Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, it isn’t too hard to save Earth, the problem is their personalities and getting them all into one room together. With Iron Man’s cocky mentality and the Hulk’s ability to explode at any minute, they worked hard to overcome that barrier. In the end they worked together and fought off Thor’s brother Loki.

The Avengers are very popular, and everyone loves them, so why not get an Avengers cardboard cutout of your favorite character, or throw an Avengers party and get them all! Little kids love superheroes so why not get a Hulk standee to match the cake? Here are some examples of cardboard standups.

Iron-Man Cardboard Cutouts

Iron Man a.k.a. Tony Stark, the billionaire genius is awesome, and who wouldn’t want a cardboard cutout of one of the main superheroes of the Avengers? With his super cool red and gold suit, he’s one of the coolest superheroes ever!
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Captain America Cardboard Cutouts

Captain America, formerly Steve Rogers, a WWII veteran is so strong a cool, and who doesn’t love his red, white and blue shield? With his patriotic name and mindset, Captain America is a true American hero, which means that a Captain America standee would also be perfect for the 4th of July!
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Hulk Cardboard Stand-Up Posters

Dr. Bruce Banner, more commonly known as the Hulk, the super-strong temperamental green giant has one of the coolest superpowers ever. Without him, the Avengers would never have been able to defeat Loki, so why not get a Hulk cardboard cutout and show a little support for the green giant!
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Thor Cardboard Cutouts

Thor, the crown prince of Asgard is so amazing. With his awesome accent and his super-heavy hammer, he is a real necessity in defeating his brother Loki. Cardboard cutouts of Thor are so great, and his outfit is really cool.
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Black Widow Cardboard Cutouts

Black Widow, the super-sexy super-spy might not have any powers, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less of a fighter. The only girl in the Avengers, Natasha Romanoff uses a gun with ease and is so amazing she has no need for superpowers. Black Widow cardboard cutouts are great, plus, who doesn’t love Scarlett Johansson?
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Hawkeye Cardboard Standups

Hawkeye, the master archer and close friend of the Black Widow also has no powers, but his intelligence and skill with a bow and arrow are unparalleled. The Hawkeye is super-cool, and you can be too when you buy a Hawkeye standee.
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