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Hunger Games Peeta Mellark Cardboard Cutout

Hunger Games Peeta Mellark Cardboard Cutout

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The stunning book The Hunger Games by Suzzanne Collins has taken the world by storm and is now on every bookshelf on Earth. Based in a world with 12 small districts ruled by a cruel capitol and an annual fight to the death of 24 teenagers on live tv, Collin’s novel captured the attention of Lions Gate Entertainment and is now a major motion picture. The role of the heroine Katniss Everdeen is played by Jennifer Lawrence, her love interest Peeta is played by Josh Hutcherson, and her loyal friend Gale is portrayed by the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. In the film Peeta plays a critical role in Katniss’ discovery of herself, and the two of them are the last tributes standing after participating in the horrible 74th Hunger Games, a gory battle between 24 of the districts’ teenagers.

This Peeta cardboard cutout is incredible, and the first of its kind. Fully equipped with a fabulous color picture, sturdy cardboard, and dreamy Peeta, this standee is truly remarkable. Imagine holding a party for the premier of Catching Fire, the second book of the series, and having a guest star, Peeta Mellark! He’d be the life of the party and so would you. Be the first of your friends to snag this great deal and be a trend-setter while you show off your conspicuous comrade! You’ll be a hit!

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Cardboard Cutout Comedy: Peeta vs. Draco Malfoy

“Give it up, Potter,” a voice spit, “it’s over!” I walked into the room cautiously and did a double take at the scene before me.

In the bedroom was a cardboard cutout of a guy a bit older than me with white-blond hair thrusting a wooden stick at empty air and bellowing in a British accent words I couldn’t decipher. As I opened the door it squeaked on the hinges, and the guy spun around to face me with an astonished look in his eye.

“Who are you?” he asked me, waving the stick in front of him.

“cardboard Peeta Mellark, and you?” I replied.

He had clearly never heard of me, but none-the-less he stood up straighter and adjusted his odd bathrobe-type cape before informing me , “Malfoy. Cardboard Draco Malfoy.” and extending his hand to me. I shook it hesitantly, and it felt as cold and clammy as I expected his heart to be. For a cardboard cutout, this guy was soft.

“So, what are you doing here?” Malfoy asked me in a superior tone of voice.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Well, I don’t know actually. Katniss and I are both really trying to forget what happened in the arena.”

“What arena?”

I looked at him warily and answered him. “You know, the hunger games? 24 tributes, 1 victor?” Malfoy shook his head. “You’ve really never heard of it? HUNGER GAMES!

“No, I daresay I have not…….Is it like the tri-wizard tournament?” Malfoy pondered.

“No” I said, but then looked at him suspiciously. “Wait, did you say tri-wizard?”

Malfoy slapped his hand over his mouth in shock and I took that as a yes.

Backing into the corner I asked, “So you’re a wizard?”

Malfoy closed his eyes and nodded, and his hand reached for the stick-wand he had earlier. “I’m sorry, but no one must know.” He somberly raised his wand in front of him. “Avada Kedavra!”

A shot of bright green light shot at me, but I lunged away and scrambled into the bathroom for shelter. I locked the door but seconds later heard a small click and the doorknob turned. Frightened, I tripped while running back into the shower, and my arm hit one of the buttons.

A stream of hot water blasted me full in the face and a strong rose scent accompanied it as Malfoy ran into the room and saw me on the floor.

Grinning, he held his wand out and was about to recite an incantation, but before he could, my foot connected with his shin and Malfoy came crashing down.

I sprung up and looked at Malfoy, “Tell me, Draco, do I smell like roses?” He groaned, and I skipped away. “Happy Hunger Games!”

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  • Jenny

    I love Peeta Mellark! I only have posters of Peeta in my room but I want a standee. Funny story with Malfoy :)