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Justin Bieber Cardboard Standup with Leather Jacket and Hoodie

justin bieber cardboard cutout standup

Justin Bieber Cardboard Standee

What’s amazing about this Justin Bieber cardboard cutout:

  • Justin Bieber is so hot – even as a standee poster
  • It’s a life-size standup (26 x 70 inches)
  • You’ll be the envy of all your friends – Justin in your room
  • There is a flap on the back of the cutout so it can stand up
  • Justin looks so cool in black leather and a hoodie

Justin Drew Bieber, the teenage singing sensation, a worldwide superstar. Just imagine if he was in your room. Even if he was just cardboard, wouldn’t you be excited? This standee is enough to make anyone faint. The picture of Justin Bieber, with his gorgeous hair and cute smile is a great decoration for any room. Whether it’s a bedroom, media room, or even a kitchen, Justin knows how to make an entrance. Justin is known for having the hoods up on his sweatshirts, and this shows him with it on, but you can still see the luxurious locks he’s famous for. Also a big fan of leather jackets, Justin is sporting a stylish all-black ensemble completed with his signature high tops.

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justin bieber stand up cut outs

Justin Bieber Stand Up Cut Outs

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Cardboard Cutout Standup Comedy
Starring Justin Bieber, R2-D2 and C-3PO

What would happen if a Justin Bieber cardboard cutout met C3PO and R2D2 cardboard cut-outs:

A little girl enters the room, and sets down a C3PO and R2D2 cardboard cutout, then leaves.

A Justin Bieber standup is in the corner, perfecting his hair flip. He’s holding up a mirror to admire himself, then lowers it when the robots come in.

“Hey, I’m Justin Bieber,” He says to them, but they don’t respond.

R2D2 turns to C3PO, and makes some odd chirping noises and static. C3PO nods and says, “Yes, I too am surprised as to why a mother would name her daughter Justin.”

“Hey, I’m not a girl!” Justin cries out.

R2D2 looks at him, then says something to C3PO. He replies, “Oh, yes. Why her hair is the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen!”

Justin frowns, “I said I’m not a girl!”

“If you put some pink bows in that hair, she would be gorgeous. Wouldn’t she?” C3PO tells R2D2.

Justin stands up, “for the last time I’m not a girl! Also, I don’t like pink, my favorite color is purple!”

R2D2 makes fast chirping noises, and C3PO laughs. “Why, yes! I suppose she is sad that her last name sounds like Beaver!”

“What?” Justin scoffs.

C3PO replies to something R2D2 said, “Oh, she’s probably just disappointed that all her fans are girls!”

Justin walks over to them, “Hello? Yeah, I’m right here, I can hear you! I’m not a girl, so stop calling me that!”

C3PO gasps, and then says to R2D2, “She should have Princess Leia do her hair! I’m sure hair that shiny would look magnificent in the braid-buns that she wears!”

Justin smiles, “That would be so cool!”

R2D2 and C3PO start to leave, and Justin follows. They go out the door and to the spaceship outside. They get on, but Justin gasps, “My hairbrush!” he goes back to get it, and then back onto the rocket. They fly away and Justin gets his princess Leia buns.

The End

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