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Cody Simpson Cardboard Cutout

cardboard standup poster of cody simpson

Cody Simpson Cardboard Cutout

G’day mate! That’s just what your Cody Simpson cardboard cutout will say to you in his adorable Australian accent when you see him. Cody is a relatively new star, but that doesn’t make him any less hot! This standee is the perfect gift for any fan of this down-under dreamboat. For all of you with Cody-crazy teens, your Christmas shopping is done! This life-size cardboard cutout is all you need to make them say 1-4-3! The standee has a flap on the back, so it can stand as your kid can sing to him about how he’s ‘on her mind’.

Why I love this Cody Simpson cardboard standup poster:

  • It’s Cody Simpson! He’s SOOO Cute!!!
  • You can move him anywhere you want
  • You can take your picture with him and fool your friends
  • He’s lightweight and easy to move
  • Your friends will be so jealous when they see Cody Simpson at your house
  • It’s life-size
  • Did I say he’s SOOO Cute? I think I did :)
  • His pose and the look on his face is adorable

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Today’s Cardboard Cutout Tale
Starring Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber (as “Biebs”)

Battle of the Songbirds:

“Oh Cody, I’m so glad you’re finally here. No, of course I’m not mad you’re late. I just think you should get a new limo service, Fed Ex just isn’t as punctual these days.” The girl said to the Cody Simpson cardboard cutout as she carried him upstairs to her room. They entered the small purple room and she set him down in the corner by her bed. The girl kissed his cheek then went downstairs. Across the room in the opposite corner was another standee standing in a shadow, so Cody couldn’t see his face.

They sniffed the air, and then in a quiet voice spoke up. “Is that loser I smell?” He stepped out of the corner and faced Cody.

Cody folded his arms across his chest, “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the famous and fantastic Justin Bieber cardboard cutout. May I ask: What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same question. Why would anyone want to see your face? I’m surprised they even made a standee of you, you’re not popular enough.”

Cody took a few steps toward Justin and stared him down. “You thought wrong.” Cody started circling Justin and talking to him. “Have you noticed that lately there have been less and less people at your concerts? Yeah, because of me. I’m the new It Boy, Biebs, so deal with it.” Cody stepped back with a smirk on his face and flipped his hair.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa dude, that’s my move. You can’t steal that from me.” Justin said to him threateningly.

“What you gonna do about it cream puff? Sing about how I hurt your precious little feelings?” Cody let out a bark of laughter, “Even your own manager knows you’re old news now. As of today, he’s my manager.”

Justin’s face crumpled, but a second later he recovered. “Well at least I have an awesome girlfriend. What do you have? A pillow?” He smirked at Cody.

Cody’s face showed fake discomfort, “Oh, Selena didn’t tell you….”

Justin’s eyes widened, “T-t-tell me what? Wait, you’re just 14, and she’s 19….Huh?” His eyes filled with tears, “SHE CAN’T BREAK UP WITH ME!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” He cried into his hands as he curled up into a ball on the floor.

Finally Cody couldn’t take it and burst out laughing.

“Really?” Justin said, looking up at him from the ground. “You get the girl, my manager, my fans, and you’re still laughing at me? What more do you want?”

Cody stopped laughing for a second to answer his question. “Dude, this proves that I’m the better actor too!”

Justin stood up and furrowed his brow, “Wait, what?”

Cody explained quickly. “I’m not dating Selena. Ew, that would be disgusting, plus I can do better.” He looked at Justin’s face and squinted at a few smears of black on his tearstained cheeks. “Bieber, are you wearing mascara?”

Justin’s eyes widened, and before Cody could say anything else, he had sprinted out the door.

Cody went to the doorway and yelled after him, “You forgot your purse!” Just after he said it, Cody ran over to where Justin’s sequined handbag was laying on the bed. He opened it quickly and rifled around, looking for his phone. Cody withdrew a pink bedazzled iPhone and hacked into Justin’s twitter account. With a grin on his face he tweeted:

Great day today, broke up with my GF (not sorry to say goodbye Selena) and got a new nose. Thank you Dr.21045! It was great seeing you again!!!!

When Cody heard the footsteps he quickly put the phone back in the purse and carried it to the door. When Justin ran up, he handed it to him with a smile.

Justin looked at him gratefully, “Thanks, Cody. You’re a good friend.”

Mmhmm, have fun with your new nose Cody thought.

The End

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