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Wonderful Wonder Woman Cutouts and Gifts

wonder woman profile poster

Beautiful poster of Wonder Woman

Finally, the female superhero the world deserves. Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, is an Amazonian warrior princess who made her film debut in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman is a symbol of freedom and power for people all over the world. As a demigod daughter of Zeus, Wonder Woman wields the Lasso of Truth, wears indestructible bracelets, and possesses capabilities on par with Superman. She is an icon to women everywhere, and her trademark WW logo sparks joy in everyone who lays eyes on it. Wonder Woman is a welcome change from the damsel in distress stereotype, and actresses Gal Gadot and Linda Carter have inspired a whole generation to rise up and stand behind her. As a founding member of the Justice League, powerful demigod, and warrior princess, Wonder Woman is one of the all-time greatest superheroes ever.

Wonder Woman Costumes:

Spend a day as the incredible Princess of Themyscira and buy a full Wonder Woman costume, but don’t forget to accessorize! Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth forces anyone captured in it to tell the truth, her indestructible bracelets deflect bullets and were made from parts of Athena’s shield, her magical sword was made for her by Hephaestus, her shield was given to her by the gods, and her tiara serves as a boomerang-like projectile that she can use as a weapon. Make sure your cosplay is complete by arming yourself for battle.

Wonder Woman Cardboard Cutouts:

Buy a Wonder Woman cardboard cutout and practice your fighting skills on it!

Wonder Woman Posters:

Hang a Wonder Woman poster above your door to give you that extra boost of confidence and “I can do this!” attitude every morning.

Wonder Woman Shirts:

Put on a Wonder Woman t shirt to show everyone which side of the Marvel v DC debate you’re on.

Wonder Woman Funko:

Get a Wonder Woman Funko figurine for your desk to help you through those late nights and headaches.

Wonder Woman Music:

Download the Wonder Woman theme song, “Is She With You” from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice soundtrack and listen to it whenever you need a dose of courage.

Cool Gifts for the Sherlock Fan

Everyone I know is Sherlocked by Sherlock. Or is it Sher-Locked? If you’re always dreaming about Benedict Cumberbatch and often find yourself doodling the phrase Mrs.Sherlock Holmes, then you, too, are Sherlocked! Do you watch The Hobbit just to see Martin Freeman? Is there an entire page on your tumblr dedicated to Sherlock fan-art? Maybe we can help … there’s nothing better to ease the pain of hiatus than some new Sherlock merchandise! Check out what we’ve found …..

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Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Gifts

Are you ready Hunger Games fans? Ready to see and LOVE tons of awesome new merchandise for the third and final installment – Mockingjay! This hungartastic series will end as Katniss and the districts of Panem rebel against President Snow and the oppressive capital. You’re in luck because you have your pick of tons of awesome Mockingjay posters, t-shirts, jewelry, apparel, music, phone cases, bags, cardboard cutouts and more! It might be hard to choose your favorite between Gale (Liam Hemsworth), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), and Finnick (Sam Claflin)! You can’t go wrong with any of them :) . And of course you can’t forget Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss! Whatever you choose, may the odds be ever in your favor! …..

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Teen Beach Movie Cardboard Cutouts

Everybody LOVES the Teen Beach Movie from the Disney Channel. With stars Ross Lynch (as Brady), Maia Mitchell (as McKenzie) and Grace Phipps (as Lela) leading the way, who can resist the urge to watch this super fun movie just one more time? And the music!! This is the best teen movie soundtrack since the High School Musical movies (also from the Disney Channel of course). Leave it to the Disney Channel to come up with another great original teen movie with an amazing young cast (especially ROSS LYNCH as Brady!). Check out all the great Teen Beach Movie merchandise right here. …..

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Movie Cutouts From Disney’s Frozen

Let it go! Let it go! We can’t hold back our excitement about these Frozen products anymore! Who could? From cardboard cutouts to posters to dolls to dresses, all this Frozen merchandise will have you singing along with Elsa and Anna as they embark on their journey of sisterly love and friendship in the Disney animated film Frozen. Whether it be December or July, any of these enchanting products is perfect for adding some magic into your life! Check out all of this awesome gear based on the Disney movie Frozen. …..

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Cool Catching Fire Hunger Games Gear

It looks like she’s done it again! Suzanne Collins, author of the bestselling Hunger Games trilogy is on her way to having a second movie released from the book series, the film entitled Catching Fire. The futuristic world of Panem has been brought beautifully to the big screen, winning numerous awards and becoming one of the most popular series or all time, rivaling Harry Potter and Twilight. With a dynamite cast of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth, The Hunger Games did incredible and we can expect even more from Catching Fire.

In this movie, Katniss Everdeen, played by Lawrence, a victor of the 74th Hunger Games alongside Peeta Mellark (Hutcherson), will have to re-enter the arena and repeat the fight to the death, while also resisting oppressive government The Capitol. Catching Fire promises lots of action, adventure, and much more, and it will surely be a colossal hit. Join in the fun… Hunger Games cardboard cutouts are great fun for any fan …..

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The Hobbit Cardboard Cutouts

Everybody LOVES The Hobbit! The books and movies are great and now we can even buy cool Hobbit cardboard cutouts. Any of these will make a fantastic addition to a Hobbit fan’s home. Reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor for yourself, and load up your room with hobbits, dwarfs, wizards and more. A true Hobbit fan bonanza! RUUUUUUUUNNNNN! See The Hobbit cardboard cutout stand-up posters. …..

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One Direction Cardboard Cutout Posters

One Direction, the group of five amazing singers that has skyrocketed to international fame since their debut on the X Factor UK, has found a place in every girl’s heart in America and all around the world. Whether their favorite be Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik or Niall Horan, girls go crazy when they see them, or even hear the name One Direction. With hits like “What Makes You Beautiful”, “One Thing”, and “Gotta Be You”, One Direction or 1D is blowing up all over radio stations and thousands of screaming fans will be at all their concerts no doubt. Check out the 1D cardboard cutouts here. …..

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Cutouts and Gifts

Breaking Dawn Part 2 was sadly the ending of the amazing Twilight Saga. A bittersweet ending, the movie showed the second part of the book Breaking Dawn written by Stephanie Meyers. This film portrayed the showdown between the Cullens and werewolves against the vampire Volturi. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but I just have to say that it was an incredible conclusion to the great series! With Edward, Bella, Jacob, Renesmee, and tons of new cast members, the movie was one to remember, and what better way to remember than with Breaking Dawn Part 2 merchandise and cardboard cutouts! Bella was immortalized as a vampire in the movie, and now you can immortalize all your favorite characters too! Twilight Stand-Up Posters are HERE!! …..

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Marvel Avengers Cardboard Cutouts

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Everyone has at least one superhuman power they would love to have, from flying to being invisible to having heat vision. Everyone would love to have a comic book written about them, so naturally when the movie The Avengers came out everyone went to see it. The Avengers is a movie about a bunch of the most famous Marvel comic book characters coming together to defend Earth against an evil force from another world, and when that group includes Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, it isn’t too hard to save Earth, the problem is their personalities and getting them all into one room together. With Iron Man’s cocky mentality and the Hulk’s ability to explode at any minute, they worked hard to overcome that barrier. In the end they worked together and fought off Thor’s brother Loki. Feast your eyes on these Marvel Avengers cardboard standees. …..

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